The Magical Musicals Show

  • March 31st - April 18th 2017 on tour in South Korea

    April 21st - April 26th 2017 on tour in Antigua


    Musical Theatre is one of the most popular genre's of music our Facebook page has over 8600 "Likes" We are still amazed us on the variety of our audience from 9 - 90 years of age!

    Did you know that more people pay to go to a theatre show each week than pay to go to see a football match? Well now you do! Our show features some the top 30 musical theatre shows with great voices and authentic costumes changes.

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    The Magical Musicals show (formerly the Magic of Musicals) is a live production of the best songs from London’s West End and Broadway musical theatre shows.


    Our show is Wicked, well it's a bit more as we have selected shows like Les Miserable, Phantom of the Opera, Cats. Chicago, Hairspray, Sunset Boulevard, Miss Saigon, Chess, Mamma Mia, We will Rock you, Footloose and naturally Glee, the list goes on and on……..and changes regularly!

    Even in these hard times Musical Theatre shows in London's West End are breaking box office takings each year. Last year a total of 14,587,267 people saw a show in London! Boxing a record: £585,506,455.00 according to figures released by the Society of London Theatre's. We bring you all the best shows in one night!

    The Magical Musical Show

    Our show is live, performed by fulltime professional artistes who have worked literally all over the world on some of the biggest stages. Truly allowing us to use the phrase “International Artistes”

    Using professional artistes who have appeared in some of the top West End shows allows us to make this show so authentic, with many excellent authentic costume changes.

    The show comes in various formats, our most popular shows are:

    2 x female artists

    1 x female + 1 male

    2 x female + 1 male artist.

    The length of the show can be tailor made to suit your requirements, most popular show is our 2 x 45 minute acts, a max of 2x60 minute shows, covering some 30 different shows! With some 20 authentic costume changes!


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  • The Magical Musical Show could be on at a venue near you. Please contact us if you would like to book this popular show that covers the best songs from London's West End and Broadway.

    Formats can be varied according to requirements.